The  Atman

In pursuit of Atman, with the desire to transcend this transient world, the seekers raise a question.

Q: One Atman is whom we all worship.The Other is in each life form who sees through the eyes, hears through ears, smells through nose and who analyses voices and acquires knowledge of what is tasteful and what is not.

Of these two Atman (Brahma and Soul), which is the one acclaimed by the scriptures?

A: What is heart is also called as mind. Consciousness, Perception, Discernment, Discrimination, Intellect, Vision, Determination, Contemplation, Prudence, Suffering, Memory, Resolve, Perseverance, Life Force, Desires and Attachments all are different aspects of Intelligence.

Soul, the source of Intelligence is Brahma itself. This is Indra and this is the Creator and this also pervades in the fundamental elements of earth, fire, air, water and space along with the light to be.

The whole perceivable world including worms with their source, birds, humans, insects  and all kind of flora and fauna and mountains are carried by senses( eye), exist in conscious Intelligence and dissolve therein itself.

This Conscious Intelligence is Brahma or Atman.

The sages, having realized this Truth transcended the world that is perceived by senses  and having all their desires fulfilled in that heaven, became immortal.

                                                  (Thus concludes Aitareya Upanishada from Rigveda)

Movement of Life

FeaturedMovement of Life

Birth of Human Being:

Initially it (the human being) remains in first womb that is the body of man. What is known as Seminal fluid emanates as the essence of his physical body including limbs and organs. The man nurtures this essence of his being in his body first.

The conception of human form takes place when the man  implants his seed in a woman and his semen  joins the ovum  to set in motion the process of  embryonic growth.

This is the first birth.

 The semen is accepted by woman’s body as her own part, so it does not hurt her or gets rejected. She nurtures the soul of being in her uterus.

The woman who holds the soul in her womb is to be nurtured and nourished.

While the child is growing in the womb, he is taught about life by his father. He also performs ceremonies for the child’s coming into existence after he gets delivered from mother’s womb. And in this way he celebrates his own perpetuation though progeny. This is the way Life propagates.

This is the second birth

The son establishes himself in place of his father as his representative in the world to perform meritorious deeds. With the passage of time, he feels fulfilled with a life well spent. Gradually his body grows old and gets discarded. He departs from the material world to be born in another life.

This is the third birth.

This way the Human Being, riding on three consequent phases of life moves through the ocean of material world. At any moment of this endless cycle he can experience the Atman as propounded by the scriptures, and become free from the bondage.

Just like Rishi Vamadev stated that he came to realize the Ultimate Reality while he was in his mother’s womb. He says that prior to this experience; he was caught up in iron shackles of series of births and deaths.

With the awakening of Truth within him he penetrated the shell of this  prison like a sharp eyed falcon. Having realized his True stature, he transcended the world that is perceived by sense organs after his death and having all his desires fulfilled in that heaven, became immortal.

                                                                   (a continued translation of Aitareya Upanishad)


After Creation of Guardian Angels

FeaturedAfter Creation of Guardian Angels

After Creation of Guardians

After inception of the worlds and their guardians, God thought of creating food for them.

Having resolved so He directed His Will to water and the water yielded a body of food.

The food tried to escape the guardians for whom it was created.

Then the Primordial Being tried to grasp it by sense of speech but failed to do so.

Had he been able to do so, he would have been satiated by merely uttering the word “food”.

Then  he (the primordial being) attempted to hold it through prana but failed to do so.

Had he been able to do so, he would have been satiated merely by absorption of food through prana.

Then he made effort to accept the food through sense of sight but failed to do so.

Had he been able to do so, he would have been satiated just by looking at food.

Then he tried to receive food through sense of hearing but failed to do so.

Had he been able to do that, he would have been satiated merely by hearing the word “food”.

He also tried to absorb food through the skin/dermis but failed to do so.

Had he been able to do that, he would have been satiated merely by touching the food.

Then he tried to imbibe it through mind but couldn’t do that.

Had he been able to do that, he would have been satiated merely by thinking of food.

Then he attempted to hold it through phallus but failed to do so.

Had he been able to do that, he would have been satiated merely by expelling it.

Ultimately he tried to accept the food riding on ‘apan’ by mouth  and succeeded.

The Apan energy controls ingestion of food and sustains life.



Then God wondered how would this Primordial being will survive without Him.

He thought about where to enter this Being from.

He contemplated that it would defeat the purpose if the Being speaks through tongue, enlivens through prana, sees with eyes, hears through ears, touches with skin, thinks through the mind, ingests through apana and expels through phallus without His intervention.

Considering these factors He felt that His entry into the being will not be through lower parts of the body.

Thus He decided to penetrate the body through the palate dome of head/mouth which controls eyes, throat and heart.

Having entered the body, God accepted the guardian elements as His own. He declared that there is nothing beside Him there. Thus He accepted the being as his own form.

Thus One who resides in all beings came to be known as Idandra. Mediated by sensory perceptions, the knowledgeable ones call Him as Indra. The angels can-not be perceived directly. They can be perceived through the senses only.

Creation settles down

FeaturedCreation settles down

Playful God and The Guardian Angels:

  • The guardians so created by desire of Atman landed in the great ocean of mortal material world.
  • Atman added thirst and hunger to the primordial body mass.
  • So the guardians who were product of this body mass felt thirsty and hungry
  • They beseeched their Creator to assign them some space where they could settle down and eat.

God fashioned the body of cow but the guardians said that it was not adequate for them.

Then  He designed the body of a horse but guardians rejected that too.

Finally a human body was devised and all of them appreciated it as a beautiful creation.

So the God asked them to go and occupy suitable spaces in the human body.

Following the command:

  • Fire entered the mouth as power of speech.
  • Air entered nostrils in the shape of prana (life force).
  • Sun entered the eyes as sense of sight.
  • Directions (space) entered ears in form of sense of hearing.
  • Medicines and plants established themselves as fine hair on skin.
  • Moon became mind and entered the heart.
  • Death entered naval as apan ( energy of decay).
  • Water entered the Phallus as seminal fluid.

After the guardians settled down, the thirst and hunger requested God for some place of their own.

They were told that they will share respective spaces assigned to the guardian gods.

So the offerings made to these gods are shared by the thirst and hunger assigned to them.

(Perhaps Atman is the still form while God is the active form of same power, possibly like potential and kinetic energy of same system – author’s comment)

(continued translation of Aitareya Upanishad)


Aitareya Upanishad

FeaturedAitareya Upanishad


Let my voice  be established in mind which in turn is established in power of speech itself.

Let my speech and mind act in harmony.

O Self Illumined Paramatman, kindly reveal yourself to me.

O Word and Mind, kindly give me access to Vedas.

Let not what I listen, abandon me.

May I burn the mid-night oil in this study.

May my voice carry the truth that is affirmed  in my mind.

Let the speaker and the listener be protected.

May He protect me and the orator.

Let the affliction caused by self, others and nature be ameliorated.


In the beginning, there was only Self (Atman) and nothing was active beside It.

Atmn desired to create the world.

Atman brought in existence four spheres of material world:

  • Ambh: the outermost sphere of clouds that is established in divine world.
  • Marichi: The space below the Ambha
  • Mar: The Earth
  • Ap: The land beneath the earth.

Having created the spheres, Atman thought of having their appropriate guardians. So he created a body mass from Water.

Atman intent brought into existence the body mass of primordial being.

Accordingly an egg shaped head and face appeared from the body mass.

From the face appeared mouth and power of speech & voice developed there-from. The fire originated from  power of speech.

Appearance of nostrils followed. From nostrils emanated prana (upward energy controlling inputs and life force) and air forged from prana.

Eyes materialized the same way. From the eyes arose faculty of sight and from them emerged the sun.

Ears ensued from the Face and from Ears developed ability to listen and all the directions (space) evolved there-from.

After the Ears, skin appeared and from skin germinated hair and from hair grew the earth with trees, shrubs and medicinal plants.

Heart appeared after skin and from it grew forth the mind which birthed the moon.

After heart naval came into being  and Apana (the downward energy controlling expulsions)  was expressed there-from carrying with it the death.

Lastly, the phallus appeared. From phallus came the seminal fluid that brought the water into being.

                                                                              (translation of Aitareya Upanishad to continue)