Playful God and The Guardian Angels:

  • The guardians so created by desire of Atman landed in the great ocean of mortal material world.
  • Atman added thirst and hunger to the primordial body mass.
  • So the guardians who were product of this body mass felt thirsty and hungry
  • They beseeched their Creator to assign them some space where they could settle down and eat.

God fashioned the body of cow but the guardians said that it was not adequate for them.

Then  He designed the body of a horse but guardians rejected that too.

Finally a human body was devised and all of them appreciated it as a beautiful creation.

So the God asked them to go and occupy suitable spaces in the human body.

Following the command:

  • Fire entered the mouth as power of speech.
  • Air entered nostrils in the shape of prana (life force).
  • Sun entered the eyes as sense of sight.
  • Directions (space) entered ears in form of sense of hearing.
  • Medicines and plants established themselves as fine hair on skin.
  • Moon became mind and entered the heart.
  • Death entered naval as apan ( energy of decay).
  • Water entered the Phallus as seminal fluid.

After the guardians settled down, the thirst and hunger requested God for some place of their own.

They were told that they will share respective spaces assigned to the guardian gods.

So the offerings made to these gods are shared by the thirst and hunger assigned to them.

(Perhaps Atman is the still form while God is the active form of same power, possibly like potential and kinetic energy of same system – author’s comment)

(continued translation of Aitareya Upanishad)


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