There is a series of channels leading to the most sublime knowledge. The instruments of investigation gradually get finer in precision as the observer probes deeper. The sequence of these agencies in the order of increasing subtlety is given as follows;

Organs of perception > objects of perception > Mind > intellect > Soul > indivisible matter > Self (Atman).

This Self or the Atman is the loftiest, finest and fundamental state of existence.

Pervading in whole material universe, this Atman can not be observed. It only lends its glimpses to people of flawless perception through their lightening sharp intellects.


The discreet seeker should sublimate the faculty of speech into the mind and then merge it in the effulgence of intellect.

The ignorant should arise, awake and approach enlightened ones to  seek this knowledge.

(Because) The prudent ones say that this way is extremely difficult to negotiate and is as dangerous as a sharp  edged razor.


Atman is beyond sound, touch, form, smell and taste. It is eternal, everlasting and does not diminish with time and space. It is more exalted than soul and perfectly still.

One who knows the Atman is saved from the clutches of death.

The wise ones who speak about or listen to this sacred knowledge are universally praised.

 Our ancestors get eternally blessed if we read this scripture as tribute to them.

(to continue)

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