Until here we discussed about the opposite attributes of Vidya (Knowledge) and Avidya (ignorance), but we did not define them on the basis of their impact and effect on our  lives.

The Knowledgeable ones say that there are two distinct elements (like sun and the shadow) residing in the   sacred alcove reserved in the deepest recess of mind inside the body. Their development follows the pattern of actions performed by the person.

We pray that we should be able to know the Fire (Yagya for different outcomes) which is the bridge to worldly achievements for the performers of action and the Word ( which grants freedom from all fears) which is the final refuge for ones who wish to transcend the material world.

A metaphor of chariot is used here to distinguish these two ways in terms of vehicle, journey and final destination of this mortal life.

The body is the chariot, intellect is the charioteer, mind is the bridle or leash and the soul is the Riding King.The Wise compare the faculties (organs of sensory perception and action) to the horses and the objects of perceptions to the way on which the chariot moves. They say that the soul acting in conjunction with the intellect, mind, body and faculties is the enjoyer of this world.

If intellect is indiscreet in nature and the mind is turbulent, the faculties go wild just as horses can not be tamed by an incompetent charioteer working with weak leash and bridle.

But if the intellect is discreet and self possessed and the mind calm, the faculties follow its command just as the disciplined horses obey the instructions of a skilled charioteer adeptly controlling the bridle.

Scriptures tell us about what becomes of the first kind. One who does not strive to know, whose mind is not disciplined and whose conduct is flawed, does not qualify to know about the Atman. He is resigned to the material world.

But the second kind, who is knowledgeable, possess a composed mind and bear excellent conduct, firmly gets positioned in Absolute after successfully traversing the worldly path.

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