Yama explains the importance of Self Realisation:

  • The Perfect cannot be perceived through imperfect means.
  • The transient components can not constitute the Eternal Whole.
  • The results of actions are impermanent in nature while the Atma or the Self is perfect, eternal and permanent.
  • So the eternally perfect Atman or Self can not be perceived as result of actions which are impermanent in nature.

Yama admits that he achieved a status of relative perfection through the use of Fire, the Nachiket.

He says that Nachiketa wisely rejected the offer of sensory enjoyments, repute & recognition in the world, unlimited rewards of sacred actions, freedom from fear, their immeasurable stature and its acclaim. He fully realized that despite their apparent expanse, these rewards are of limited  nature because they exist in restrictions of time and space.

He says that it is extremely arduous to perceive the Atman as It resides as sacred secret in deepest recess of mind. The wise one, who perceives Atman by redirecting the attention from the worldly affairs, transcends the pleasure and pain.  

One, who perceives Atma, understands that It is different and beyond the destructible body. Achieving this knowledge of Atman, the seeker enters in eternal bliss. He tells Nachiketa that he deserves to know this secret and be released from the endless cycles or death and birth.

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