Satisfied on both the counts, the intensity of intent and caliber of intelligence, on part of his new found disciple, Yama explains to him the finer secrets of existence and says…..

Human Nature is primarily identified by either of the two chief tendencies. One is Shreya(about wisdom) and the other is Preya(about material wellbeing). Both define the character, personality and predisposition of the beholder and lead her/him to different destinies following the set course.

One who selects Shreya  is marked by the desire to know and realize the Ultimate Reality while one who adopts Preya  is happy in this world gaining wealth, fame and recognition.

The Shreya person is said to be wise and worthy of emulation while Preya fellow ultimately falls from the grace.

The question arises that if it’s a matter of choice and Shreya is said to be a wiser choice then why it is so that the majority chooses Preya and opts for material possessions and laurels in worldly affairs.

The answer is that the choice is dependent on the wisdom and discretion of the person. The wise and discrete prefers the path of knowledge for one’s evolution, even though it is apparently fraught with uncertainties. The person with opposite disposition settles for the apparent advantage of security and wellbeing of material world. Since the people of former kind are not numerous, Preya emerges as the choice of majority.

Hey Nachiketa, since by rejecting the offer of transient pleasures & worldly riches you have firmly established yourself as a wise one, you will not suffer the ignoble end reserved for the unwise and the indiscrete.

 (Why it is said that the Preya person is wise and auspicious while the Preya fellow falls from the grace?)

Shreya paves the way to knowledge and Preya is the path of ignorance. Their intrinsic nature and destinations are pole opposite. That is why a wise minds like Nachiketa remain firm in their quest of Truth in the face of most tempting offers of worldly wealth and thereby transcend the scare of disease, disability and death

The ones aspiring for material well being are like the dimwitted who believe themselves to be the most knowledgeable ones. Driven by insecurities and fears of pain, disease and death, they stray and move away from Knowledge like the blind leading the blind into a bottomless pit. Blinded by the greed of money, these fools mistake apparent world as permanent and are repeatedly led to destruction through death.

But rare are the people who desire to know the Truth. Not many have the opportunity to even hear about it (the Truth), yet fewer are the one who can understand. Exceptional is the one who can elucidate and the blessed is the Knower who receives instructions from an enlightened Teacher.

The knowledge of the Self cannot be beheld by an average intellect. It is extremely difficult to perceive even if it is taught by a teacher of  integrated intelligence because it lies in the realm beyond the known terms of references of ordinary life like whether it is or it is not.

This knowledge cannot be achieved through discussions and reasoning of scholars. Someone with clear wisdom, instructed by an erudite exponent, can only assume the position of Truth.

Yama so expresses his desire to have such disciple or son  who can be instructed into the sacred secret of existence.

(Content of Kathopanishad to continue)

3 thoughts on “Kathopanishad..3..Thus Spake Yama

  1. The explanation is very easy to understand both in terms of language and meaning. People who run after material pleasures often tries to show them knowledgeable. Wise person never intends to come in limelight or intend to show anything. Although, sometimes the needs make people run after material pleasures thus changing their perception but one should try the principle of detachment and be wise. Knowledge has no defined limits. Superb work!!!!


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