Pyramid of Needs


. Maslow’s heriarchial pryamid of human needs.


How do we look at the extent of need in our lives? Human civilization, separated by geography and time, has experienced the need and efforts to fulfill these needs have been the driving forces behind cultural evolution.

This pyramid may also represent the division of a society at any given time at any particular place equally effectively. The widest base shows the vast majority of population is occupied with securing basic needs. The masses are striving all the time to have safety of food and shelter while the slightly well off populace is busy acquiring safety of health, regular jobs, family and stability.

The tapering shape of pyramid also depicts that lesser no of people are there in feeling and fulfilling that particular need as we grow upwards.

So those whose worries of food and shelter are over start gathering means to attain health,property and social security…..

And those who have attained this stability begin to look for love and belonging…..

Very few who attain love and belonging, focus their energies to become evolved beings and looking around for  achievements and respect…..

Still very few understand the futility of it all and aim for self realization and understanding the Life as it is…….

But how is it all related to the Vedas???

Think Deeply…..

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