If we observe our surroundings, we find that objects and events appear, sustain for some time and then dissolve. A tree sprouts, grows, blossoms and dries up, a piece of attire bought from a store, worn, discarded and decimated, a building gets built, lived in and  replaced….and so on….

The theory of creation explores where the things were before they came into existence(or before they popped up in our vision).

Like a modern physicist, Rishis believed that nothing is created or destroyed, it just changes its form. So the question was where the things were before they took perceptible form and shape ,,,,,,,,or simply put….. before they were created.

As it may be appreciated by every intelligent being that every product is first beheld in the mind  of its creator as a thought, so it was believed that every creation is preceded by a thought or a blueprint in the pre-existence state. This may help to understand the concept of creation and its dissolution.

We are told through our ancient scriptures that before a thing, being or event takes shape, everything exists in non material state. This may be energy in its finest state. When the creation has to come into being, the thought of creation arises first. The thought leads to vibration or the sound or the word…. And from each word/ group of words comes the designated object or event into existence.

It is believed that every creation, whether already existing or to exist in future has an associated sound or a particular vibration that arises from a Thought for that particular creation, It may be seen as:

Energy in its finest state>  

A part evolves into Thought >

Thought leads to vibration/ sound>

Sound precipitates in word/ mantra>

Right repetition with prescribed conduct results in creation of desired object>

The object/event runs its due course> dissolves in sound> converted in thought>Pure energy state 


Hence the emphasis was on matra in its prescribed intonation. It was inferred that since every creation has an associated sound with specific frequency, anything or any event can be made to come into being by chanting specific mantra with right intonation in other words by creating the right sound.

So for every existing thing/event or being there is a word or a mantra and all such words which have led and may lead to creation of objects are contained in the Vedas. Each Mantra came with a presiding Deity. So there were as many gods and goddesses as there were mantras.

So ask for a virtuous son, abundant crop or death for an enemy  ,,,,there was a way of performing yajna, set of rituals with the chanting of Mantra and the delivery of product was ensured.


The relics are still in vogue….Mahamrityunjaya to ward off death and sickness, Mahvishnu Mantra for Moksha…Putrakameshti for having a son…..


Any problem in a kingdom, family or with individual, the priest has a prescribed procedure for the assured results.

If the results are not as desired……there must be some impurity in the conduct or the mantra was not uttered in correct intonations………so was the argument that the Priest would extend


This formed the Karma or Mimansa part of the Vedas.

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