The Advent


So the short story that I narrated in my earlier post may explain how the time  influences our opinion and probably culture……It may also help us appreciate what Hinduism was  before it became what it is today in its pure, modified or corrupted form……

The form of Hinduism as we see today apparently consists of blind beliefs, plethora of gods and goddesses, innumerable rituals, temples and amazing variety of scriptures.

As we found earlier, this religion cannot be traced back to a book or a prophet. The most ancient compendium of knowledge are loosely held as Vedas.

The Vedas are known to be the ancient Hindu scriptures. Here comes a catch. These are not just the four books i.e Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvveda as we learn in schools. The content are said to be pre-historic.

The ancient stories say that the secrets of the Ultimate Reality were revealed to the Seers (the Rishis) in their inspired moments of enlightenment.. These revelations were handed down to generations in oral tradition of bequeathing  knowledge. This tradition was called Shruti.

It continued till the time before the advent of script and evolution of  language.   Afterwards the mantras and the sutras i.e. the condensed format of text which could be easily be consigned to memory and transferred to the next generation orally till this time, came to be written in language was later named  Sanskrit..

This massive bank of text received from the ancient times is considered to be the repository of and the means to know, all that is knowable.

Depending on the categorization of the content and the historical time-frame the volumes came to be known by the names of these four Vedas.

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