A Short Story

I will tell you a story…..


 There was a wise man living with his sons…. leading calm and contended life. The sons respected and adored their father and always tried to pay attention to what he had to say and follow his advises. As his advises never failed to bring good results, the sons began to obey without discussions or applying the discretion…..it could be a waste of intelligence they felt….weren’t   the old man’s words were consistently adding value their lives?. This was not making the old man happy. But he couldn’t persuade his sons to learn to keep their eyes open and develop their own wisdom……

As the time passed, the Father breathed his last and family & business were passed over to sons. They diligently followed the advices of their late father in their personal and professional lives. The sayings and conduct of their father in due course acquired the status of folklores and legends…….

The time kept flying. The house was to be rebuilt and expanded by the fifth generation…. When the plans of demolition were finalized the old great grandson of the wise man urgently called his grandson to keep intact a particular area in the dining section. He told him that the Wise man used to visit that corner religiously after every meal, spent some time there and come back to sit contentedly and disburse wise dispensations.

The latest generation not only complied but preserved that part which was more like a shelf in the wall, but also decorated it after cordoning it off….after all it was here that the  Patriarch used to get his nuggets of wisdom after contemplating in that corner….

Then one day, the youngest child happened to kick the ball which intruded in the sacred area and dislodged the shelf………the mother, hurriedly collected the debris and tried to get it back in shape before men in the family could notice……

And in the evening she proudly displayed her artwork and showed off the golden replica of an object found in the sacred shelf which was thought to be regularly used by the Wise Man….

And this golden object cane to be worshipped through generations though the advices and sayings kept changing shade……

Many would wonder what is the essence of story and many others will laugh derisively if we tell them that the worshipped object was the golden replica of a dental floss…….which was regularly used by the Wise Man after each meal…….


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